Proyecta Group

Santo Domingo, 1968

The purpose of this collective demonstration is to reaffirm the freedom of the artist and his systematic rejection of any attempt to subordinate art to commerce and propaganda.

Consequently, defend the integrity of the means of expression that we have against any bad intention of an unconscious critic subject to economic and personal interests, which deliberately divert public opinion, for selfish and speculative purposes.

Within our future activities, we intend to spread the reality of Dominican Plastic Arts and its historical trajectory at a popular level, in various and successive exhibitions, of a definitively didactic nature, establishing direct and regular contact with the public.

We are also, and in a very particular way, interested in preserving the prestige and historical position of Dominican values consecrated through years of work and dedication and which are the logical basis for present and future generations of artists.

Domingo Liz

Draftsman, sketcher, sculptor and painter. Graduated of plastic arts at the National School of Fine Arts.He is one of the managing pillars of the PROYECTA Group.

His trajectory counts with numerous prizes received in national and international biennials. He combined his artistic production with the teaching practice at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo and at the School National Fine Arts.

The paintings and drawings are characterized by colors and particular forms, his characters show a cartoonish aspect, with an evident and voluntary anatomical disproportion.

National Visual Arts Award (2012)

Ada Balcácer

“Ada Balcácer is a creative volcano capable of turning everything she touches into art. Ada breaks the molds to make novelty. She is an emblem of Dominican painting and a universal painter”.

Cocó Gontier

In 1951 she graduated from the National School of Fine Arts, later on, Ada Balcácer taught engraving classes at her Alma Mater. She also studied at the University of Puerto Rico, the Art Students League and the Fashion Institute of Technology, both in New York City.

As a professor, she directed the drawing chair of the Department of Architecture of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. In 1980 she formed a program for the professional development of women called Women Applied to Industry.

National Visual Arts Award (2011)

Fernando Peña Defilló

He studied at the National School Fine Arts from 1949 to 1951. At the end of this period he settles in Europe, starting with Spain, where he joined the Spanish Informalism. In 1963 he returned to Santo Domingo.

Innovator of the national painting and one of the main introducers of abstractionism in the Caribbean. His work is characterized by symbolism and spirituality, he worked with great emphasis on black and white culture. Peña Defilló is considered the father of Dominican Informalism.

National Visual Arts Award (2010)

Gaspar Mario Cruz

He studied at the National School of Fine Arts. Awarded two first prizes in National Biennials of Plastic Arts carried out in the city of Santo Domingo in the years 1956 and 1958.

National Visual Arts Award - Post Mortem (2020)

Leopoldo Pérez

He studied art at the National School of Fine Arts, where he received high distinctions. He lived a few years in the United States and later obtained a scholarship to study in Madrid, in both places he participated in individual and collective exhibitions.

From the beginning he was attracted to the pictorial humanism that made him confront personal interpretations of immediate aspects of life, without frills, without naturalistic detail and without arbitrary drama. In his works, figurative compositions are built from fragmented forms defined by thick lines.

Luis Felipe Félix Gontier

He was born in Bordeaux, France (1941), to a Dominican father and a French mother. An excellent draftsman, sketch artist, his paintings are an undeniable cult of the human figure, which he deforms at the whim of his love for curvy lines. His pictorial language of volumes and colors recalls in his paintings the works of Taíno ceramics and sculptures.

He is sometimes hurtful and dramatic in his work. The sense of color is controlled and his forms move in large areas where the roundness of his compositions predominates, almost always taken from a transformation in movement of the human figure.

Thimo Pimentel

Visual artist, educator and author. Outstanding drawer, sketch artist, interested in research and the possibilities of various materials; he has worked with wood, stone, acrylic, glass, fabrics, metals and ceramics since 1963. The PROYECTA Group was an excellent school for Pimentel.

In the last 30 years he has dedicated himself to ceramic murals, to writing, and scientific research.

He is the creator of the International Ceramic Tile Triennials (elit-tile), Contemporary Ceramic Museum and the Furtive Art Movement, with actions of art and culture unprecedented in the national plastic arts scene. Member of the International Academy of Ceramics since 2018.

National Award for Visual Arts (2016)

Ramón Oviedo

His work presents strong strokes and colors that evoke harshness, sleaze, cruelty, but also humanity. The abstraction and expressionism that prevails in them, make up the psychic world of man with his abysses and solitudes.

He obtained important national and international awards and recognitions. Murals and paintings are exhibited in various museums and international forums, in public and private collections. Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamín described Ramón Oviedo's painting as an "explosion of unprecedented colors and shapes."

National Award for Visual Arts (2013)

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