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Punta Cana


The Igneri/Art and Archaeology Foundation, the Punta Cana Group, the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation and the Punta Cana Educative Center (CEPCA), have just inaugurated this last December,
the Punta Cana Art Center and its Art Gallery. The Art Center prepares ceramic, painting, drawing, glass, sculpture, paper and crafts' courses for children and adults in coordination with the Punta Cana Educative Center (CEPCA)
Through these agreements, different local and international artists will be invited to hold exhibits in the Art Gallery and manage courses in the Center. Activities with students of the CEPCA will also be developed, including art,
photography and nutritional health courses. During the past months, the distinguished Cuban ceramists, Wilfredo Torres and Oscar Lassería, and from Dominican Republic, Thimo Pimentel, created murals in the Educative Center, and the medallions of the Virgin at the town's church.
Also, the design and elaboration of quality art objects, exclusively for the area of the Punta Cana International Airport, has been left on the hands of the Argentinean ceramist Enrique Royo, who also works in conjunction with Thimo Pimentel.
From this design and work relationship, the "K-SITAS DE MI PAIS" (Homes of my Country) have emerged: A collection of the diverse types of typical houses which are all distributed around the country. A piece of the collection that has called the attention
of many people is the reproduction of the "Nuestra Señora de Punta Cana" Church ("Our Lady of Punta Cana"), which includes a music box that plays Schubert's Ave Maria. These models, which nowadays exceed a dozen, will make of the collection an attractive and
singular way of advertising the country.
During 2005, the visit of outstanding international ceramists is expected to interact with the Center. We can already mention the Spaniards Joan Manuel Llacer Clofent, Kike Martínez and Xavier Pérez Aranda; the Japanese Ayano Ohmi, the Cuban living in the US, Laura Luna,
the Cubans José Fuster, Noel León, Guillermo López, Isabel Gimeno and Aniceto Mario. Also, Wilfredo Torres, who will arrive to the country in March for a three-month visit. From our country, outstanding artists and/or ceramists will be invited to participate in the Center's activities.
Among them, we can mention: Félix Gontier, Fermín Ceballos, Ezequiel Taveras, Germán Pérez, Thelma Leonor, Roberto Comprés, José Pelletier, Marcia Guerrero, Iris Pérez and Geo Ripley.


The Taínos' magic is wrapped around their clay and it is translated into an idol that brings good luck and maintains brown sugar fresh and without clumps. You just have to submerge this three-pointed idol (Trigonoclay) in water,
push it in your brown sugar and it will keep it granulated for more than one hundred days. Remember that with the Caribbean's Wild Limes, you can prepare the best limeade, if you sweeten it with brown sugar.
(*) To see the Trigonoclay, go to Miscellaneous in EXHIBITIONS



When the gold reserves began to run out, the Spanish resorted to planting sugar
around 1515. They brought sugar experts from the Canary Islands and copied the
plantation styles of the islands. They also began importing black slaves. By
the 1540, there were several large sugar plantations in Hispaniola and around
the Caribbean,and very few indians left. Spanish throne imposed trading
regulations and licenses on merchants heading to the Caribbean with complex
restrictions. In spite of all of Spain's efforts however; smuggling was
rampant. There was a strong demand for slaves, and a guaranteed profit for
anyone who would provided them.


Natural Brown Sugar has 11 calories/ 5ml or 4 grams (1tsp) as compared to the
16 calories of ordinary white sugar.
Not only this, it also contains 187 milligrams of calcium, 56 of phosphorous,
4.8 of iron, 757 of potassium & 97 of sodium, compared to only scant traces of
those nutrients found in granulated white sugar.
Imbalance in minerals is one prime cause of disease. Reason for this is over-
consumption of refined products like refined sugars, refined oils, & refined
salt. It is therefore vital to consume less processed, more natural &
nutritious products such as the healthy & wholesome Natural Brown Sugar.



This lemonade is good on hot beach days.
Prep Time: approx. 15 Minutes.
Ready in: approx. 15 Minutes.
Makes 4 servings.

6 lemons, juiced
1 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup ice cubes
(*)To make it pink, add a few drops of granadine syrup