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Igneri Foundation Art and Archaeology establishes its programs based on an integrated community plan. Education, health, culture and sports. The foundation has designed several programs in the areas of health, anthropology investigation, archaeology, sociology and computers.

Also encourages technological interchanges programs, medical investigations and scholarships.

When the communities are selected the social economical conditions are studied, looking for improving their living standards with the direct participation of the inhabitants of the community and their interchange in each of the projects.

The objective of many of the programs is the women and children, they will multiply the philosophy of the Foundation.

The Foundation has the support of volunteer professionals. They give part of their time to help with the teaching on each one of the programs.

The foundation does not forget the role of protecting of the environment, working together with other specialized organizations such as Progressio and Moscoso Puello Foundations. Helping to educate basically about conservation of the environment, making special emphasis in reforestation and protecting the river' springs, the trees and animals.


Medical Investigation Programs

The foundation works with health prevention programs, supporting the investigation in rural areas, offering seminars about nutrition and sanitation.

Dr. Victoria Soñé is directing the program, she is endocrinologist doctor, manager of the Nutrition service of the Burned Unit Pearl f. Ort. Santo Domingo.

PIMED has very important consultant doctors.

Consultant Doctors Pediatric
Carmen Virginia Lora

Gloria Velázquez

Rubén Rousell, Luis Sánchez.

José Manuel Battle

J. Antonio Martire, Frank Pimentel, Andrés Cordero.

MF Pimentel

Milton Cordero


Rural Community Training Program

In this program the Foundation organizes the community looking forward to improve the quality of life of the people of the community.

For this purpose seminars, talks, workshops about preventive medicine, nutrition and medical anthropology are held.

Also craft programs and pottery training are prepared, with the design and local materials.


Community Help Program

These social support programs are held working with external organizations such as the government and private entities, and try to help the community to solve their problems.

Within these problems we can help to construct schools, health centers, religious centers, latrine construction, potable water, walls, roads, and any other type of community need.

In occasions the Foundation take the initiative of the project and uses own resources.


Data Igneri Program (DIG)

The foundation works with collecting statistic data about the community, using the computers. Also provides technical assistance in the design of small pottery studios.

DIG help with this program the students from the universities with their monographs or thesis that are interested.


Studios Interaction Program

The studios of the foundation (Igneri, Alfauni, Arroyo Frío) interact with the studios of:José Fuster in Jaimanitas, Havana City, Cuba; Wilfredo Torres in Havana City, and Oscar Lassería in Camaguey, Cuba. Now we are making agreements with the Terracota Group 4 to start this program.

Through this agreements ceramist artists from both countries with share training and experiences, and organize together events and seminars.

Also we are starting the same relationship with the Group Casa Causina in Puerto Rico, and the studios of Susana Espinosa and Franklin Graulieau.

This connections allow them interchange of technology and will give the opportunity of young artists to work for short periods of time at the masters' studios.


Triennial Promotion Program

The Elit-Tile Program has the purpose of promoting the international event of the Foundation: Ceramic Tile International Triennial.

To promote the event we have designed workshops, seminars and talks about ceramic tile. Also we celebrate workshops for children and data show presentations around the world.

The program promotes a photography contest to be celebrate with every triennial. The photos will show tiles or applications of them in the country. It means photos of murals, architectonic designs, façades, floors, etc., where the ceramic tile or any type of tile has been used.

The program also promotes sign and or catalogs designs for next triennials. The basis of Elit-tile are being promote via internet and presentations in different countries, also the catalog of the other triennials are on sale.

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