Igneri Foundation e l i t - t i l e Paul Giudicelli Museum

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The Igneri studios were founded in 1995 to make the ceramic art of the Foundation. We have periodic courses and seminars about design techniques, under fire and raku, high temperature, national materials, kilns construction, decoration and preparation of engobes and enamels, etc. Igneri Workshops headquarters are located in Arroyo Hondo, Santo Domingo, D.R.; Arroyo Frío, Constanza, La Vega, D.R.; and Playa Najayo, Najayo, San Cristóbal, D.R.

Igneri Foundation offers (through his Workshops in Arroyo Hondo, Arroyo Frío, Piedra Blanca and Najayo) courses, seminars and trainings on:

Raku and burning technics
Tiles manufacturing
Enamel technics
Native materials

Igneri also sponsors courses for kids and not ceramist artists, and art critics and journalists meetings.