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About us

Igneri Foundation Art and Archaeology is a cultural and non profit organization destined to promote and develop art and archaeology through the investigation, exposition and publishing of any action or material that helps in these purposes.

Also the Igneri Foundation promotes the rescue of the graphic and artistic manifestations of the first inhabitants of the Antilles. Also the development of the ceramic-tile and it is a very fair recognition to the main representative of ceramic in the country, the master Paul Giudicelli (1919-1965).

In the social area, the Foundation motivates artistic training programs in the rural zones, supporting in the same way health programs and investigations about nutrition and prevention of diseases.

Why Igneri?

The Igneri Culture , also called Saladoide comes from the Orinoco jungle in Venezuela, and they came to the southeast coast of the Hispaniola Island after traveling along the different Antilles island. This agricultural-potter group was the first one with these characteristics to come to the island, they were supplanted by other tribes such as Tainos , Ciguayos and Caribes.

The Igneri inhabitants were better potters than the Tainos and Ciguayos, not only in the decoration of their pieces but in their very elaborated technique of cooking the clay. We have to say the Taino's graphic had an extraordinary beauty, concentrated more in the precious wood, and that was their best artistic accomplishment.

The Igneri are considered the best potters in the island and masters of the 'engobe', the 'cochura' and the design, even though they were very few, only occupied a very small area of the east zone of the island. We took the name Igneri from them, to call the artistic ceramic workshops and after that the Foundation.
This pic shows a part of a triptic-tile by Paul Giudicelli. Please, if you know about the others parts, tell us.